Friendly Fire Podcast Episode: Culture by Carl Smith and Ben Jordan

Liz Presson • 29 June 2015

We’ve all fallen victim to reading articles that merely scratch the surface of what it’s like to build, manage and curate culture for a distributed team. Since I started building my own distributed team, I’ve realized this more than ever. As a way to break through the noise (and let’s be honest, bs), we curate one awesome and truly helpful resource (articles, tools, services) for distributed team leaders, by distributed team leaders, every week.

The Goods

What: Up this week, an episode of Carl Smith’s podcast, Friendly Fire
Who: Content by Carl Smith, Founder of nGen Works (among other awesome things)

“Friendly Fire is a weekly show where Carl Smith and Ben Jordan discuss the trials and tribulations of being business partners who have joined forces to rebuild an established web shop. The focus is on the emotional nature of two well-intentioned, strong-willed people trying not to take things personally, with a dash of businessy things.”

In this episode, Carl shares his insights after asking the nGen team how things are going. Carl and Ben talk about why communication must be the foundation of the business and how having a focus there will make an impact on all of nGen.

“You can guide culture, but especially in a distributed team, culture is tough. In located teams I think it’s a little bit easier, because you can feel the vibe when you go in in the morning. In a distributed team, you are the vibe.” -Carl Smith

>> Listen to Friendly Fire: Culture

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