Pursuit Mastermind: Together We’ll Get There Faster

Liz Presson • 21 February 2015

We all have a pursuit of our own. Today, there are more ways to get to where you want to be than ever before. It’s an incredible time to join the workforce, start a business or even do both at the same time. The Pursuit #WhatWorks mastermind group is a dedicated group of 25 curated individuals who are on the pursuit of getting the most out of life.


The group will meet bi-weekly via video conference. Each week, we’ll tackle a different topic. Every member will have the opportunity to take the follow and get feedback from the group on a specific problem, question or idea. Guest speakers will share their experience, and you’ll have access to incredible people who have made their own mark on the world.


Apply here. Deadline to apply is March 16, 2015.

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