The Joys & Benefits of Working as a Distributed Team by Joel Gascoigne

Liz Presson • 22 June 2015

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Why? We’ve all fallen victim to reading articles that merely scratch the surface of what it’s like to build, manage and curate culture for a distributed team.

Since I started building my own distributed team, I’ve realized this more than ever. As a way to break through the noise (and let’s be honest, bs), we curate one awesome and truly helpful resource (articles, tools, services) for distributed team leaders, by distributed team leaders, every week.

And we’re asking you, the people who live and breath this world, to share the resources that have been helpful in running your business.

The Goods

If you’re building a distributed team, you know that there are quite a few unique challenges. Our mission is to help you tackle some of those challenges with the content that we curate, create and share. But this being the first email in the “curated” series, we wanted to start on a super positive note.

What: The Joy & Benefits of Working as a Distributed Team
Who: Content by Co-Founder and CEO of Buffer, Joel Gascoigne. Fully distributed since 2012 with 40+ employees.
Curated By: The crew at (your name could be here next!)

So first up, here’s a post by Joel Gascoigne that acts as a great reminder of the benefits of working as a distributed team. I personally have this one bookmarked. When people ask “why distributed?” it’s an incredible resource. Also, since it’s been around for a while some of the comments are valuable too.

“I think the distributed team discussion is often focused around the challenges. I wanted to share from our experience the fun side of being distributed, which I think far outweighs the challenges…” – Joel Gascoigne

>> Read “The Joys & Benefits of Working as a Distributed Team”

Services/Tools: A couple of awesome services/tools mentioned in the comments of this post—

  • Foresight: a suite of back-office services like accounting, payroll, compliance
  • Timezone: a tool to help plan calls without Googling time zones

Another great read by Joel:

Have a great piece of content—your own or someone else’s—to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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