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How working remotely changed my life (and can change yours, too) // TNW

BY 11 months ago

Many companies are beginning to allow the flexibility to help cut costs while boosting employee productivity. Then, there are companies like Yahoo that claim remote offices do not help promote company culture or collaborative thinking. After reading David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH...

Huffington Post Comment Moderator // Opportunity

BY 2 years ago

The Huffington Post is on the leading edge of Community Moderation and Management, and they are looking for full time (36 hours per week) entry level moderators to join their team. This is the perfect opportunity for those looking to...

Huffington Post Software Engineer // Opportunity

BY 2 years ago

The Huffington Post is looking for a Software Engineer to work on special projects. And, if you’re a true animal, they have some remote openings possible. Day to day responsibilities include, but not limited to: integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Google,...