Cafe Minerva // NYC

Liz Presson • 28 October 2014

302 West 4th Street
New York, New York 10014

Online Locale:
Cafe Minerva

Wi-fi + Plugs:
Minerva has free wi-fi, but the plugs are limited. This space is better for weekend/evening blogging/writing/email catch-up rather than day-time work.

The Goods:
Cafe Minerva is small, quaint and it has the perfect West Village swank vibe…if that’s what you’re into. There’s no better place for a Sunday morning blogging session. Their cappuccinos are strong, and if you get a choice seat a the bar in the center of the room the staff will keep them following and morning will quickly turn into afternoon. They also have a 20 for $20 wine list, so after-hours (or during) you can enjoy a glass (or two) while working next to candle light that’s placed on every table and throughout the bar area.

Many people walk through the door, complain that the place is too small and bail. That leaves the rest of us in the perfect position to claim our territory in this little gem. Minerva has a brunch selection and the dinner menu has entres and small plates.

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