Cafe Mustache // Chicago

Liz Presson • 23 October 2014

The only place in Chicago spinning vinyl records all day every day, Cafe Mustache.

2313 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647

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The Goods:
Cafe Mustache is art-focused, cozy and eclectic. The cafe houses a hodge-podge of furniture and decor and serves delicious local coffee, tea and food (I love the locally-made ice cream). Their specialty drinks are creative and delicious (el jalisco latte!). Fun records are always spinning in the background, and local musicians play for free on the weekends. Also, free wi-fi certainly helps out the working man. After a long day’s work, you can walk down the block to Revolution Brewing for an awesome craft beer.

The Not-So-Goods:
Because the atmosphere is so wonderful, Cafe Mustache tends to be very busy during the day with both young professionals, hipster artists and students. So, try to grab a seat in the morning.

Who you’ll find at Cafe Mustache:
You’ll find a mixed crowd of young professionals and hipsters. Maybe you’ll even see @LacyQ in the crowd!

Cafe Mustache submitee, Lacy Quinlan, Corporate Communications Specialist

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