Can Working Remotely Make You a Better Leader?

Liz Presson • 28 October 2014

Being a great leader isn’t easy. There’s no magic formula to getting it right—and, as if managing wasn’t already a challenge—the prevalence of the remote worker can add yet another layer of complexity to the job. Obviously, here at Working Remotely, we’re big fans of working wherever you’re most productive, but not everyone is ready for that shift just yet. If you’ve ever had a boss (or employee) who insisted on meeting in person to discuss every detail—refusing to pick up the phone or send an email—you understand the challenges even the slightest physical distance can present.

Fortunately, according to a recent post by Scott Edinger on The Harvard Business Review blog, working remotely may help improve a leader’s relationship with her team. The next time my boss uses the ol’ “we need you physically in the office” excuse, I’m pulling out these great points from Scott’s post.

Check them out here, and let us know in the comments what it’s been like for you, either as a manager or part of a remote team.


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