Does Your Business Need Free Radicals? // Open Forum

Liz Presson • 10 November 2014

By Scott Belsky

In chemistry, the term “free radical” is used to describe molecules with unpaired electrons, those that may have a positive, negative, or zero charge. They are hard to pin down, and as a result their possibilities are endless. They can prove wildly destructive or instrumental, depending on context.

I’ve been thinking about the emergence of a new type of 21st-century professional. I call them free radicals because they take their careers into their own hands and put the world to work for them. The commoditization of once-pricey resources like business management services (now in the cloud) and everything open-source is the wind at their backs. Free radicals are resilient, self-reliant, and extremely potent. You’ll find them working solo, in small teams, or within large companies. They’re everywhere, and they’re crafting the future.

So how do you spot the type of person that can be categorized as a free radical? Here’s their manifesto:

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