New Work City // NYC

Liz Presson • 28 October 2014

“New Work City is about far more than just having a place to work; it’s about having a place to connect, collaborate, and thrive.”

What people are saying: 
“The ‘granddaddy’ of NYC coworking spaces”
Fred Wilson

“New Work City, an exposed-brick den of freelancers… open to anyone who can obey the simple house rules… 1. Show up, 2. Bring some work to do, 3. Don’t be a jerk.”
New York Times

NWC’s Press Section

412 Broadway, Floor 2
New York, NY 10013, 10013

Online Local:
New Work City Website
New Work City on Twitter
New Work City Facebook Page

Citizen Membership: $300/mo
Day Tripper Membership (4 days/mo): $100/mo
Community Membership (1 day/mo) + $25 for additional days: $30/mo

“New Work City is a coworking space and center for independents. Built as a community first and a business second, New Work City is the collective result of the participation of countless people who believe in its mission and subscribe to its values.”

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