PR Industry Leader on the Benefits of a Virtual Office

Liz Presson • 10 November 2014

PR industry leader Gini Dietrich wrote a post for her popular blog Spin Sucks on her company Arment Dietrich‘s switch from an office space in Chicago to a virtual office and team of employees.

According to the post, the company made the change for a one year trial period at an attempt to reduce overhead costs.

Dietrich wrote that: “For a long time, I didn’t want to admit we don’t have an office because I know how some prospects view that. Along the way, we decided those people aren’t our target audience.”

Throughout the year, Arment Dietrich continuously reviewed what was and was not working. When the team voted a year later on re-gaining an office space, they had a unanimous no.

Here are some quotes from the post that show the possible benefits of doing the same with your team:

“…we’re a stronger, more efficient, and more profitable organization.”

“We focus, instead, on attracting, hiring, and retaining the very best talent for the job.”

“For clients, it reduces our fees. For the company, it increases our profitability. Employees see it as a huge benefit and it allows us to compete at a different level than before.”

“…we’re focused on results and not whether or not people have their butts in their seats from 8:30-5:30 every day.”

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