Running a Successful Company, Sans Office

Liz Presson • 28 October 2014

Rachel Emma Silverman of The Wall Street Journal recently profiled a few companies who have all remote workforces.

One of which, Automattic, has 123 employees in 26 countries, all of whom work remotely. Their head of HR, Lori McLeese, says that its hiring and orientation processes are key, and the company requires top applicants to work on a trial project for a few weeks. All new Automattic hires work in customer service for three weeks to create a unifying employee experience.

Another, ProofHQ is a design-review software company with 32 staff members in 17 global cities. Kalypso LP, an innovation consulting firm, has 150 remote employees in the US and Europe.

In the article, Rachel notes that “Having a remote workforce lets companies tap into a wider talent pool not limited by geography. Firms can also save money on real estate, though sizeable travel budgets may partly offset that.”

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