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Liz Presson • 28 October 2014

“We’re affordable, fun and gosh darnit people like us.”

“Because working alone kinda stinks.”


230 W Superior, 2F
Chicago, IL 60654

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The Coop was created by Sam Rosen and Patrick Griffin, who are also the creators of One Design Company. Sam got introduced to the idea of coworking in New York City and came back to Chicago to start one of the first coworking communities in his hometown. Sam is also the Founder of Desktime, an application for exploring shared desks and coworking space. Desktime is also a resource for space owners.

The Coop and One Design share a space located downtown in Chicago’s River North neighborhood in 5,000+ square feet of open space. Situated just beneath the EL on Franklin Street, The Coop is easy to get to and really conveniently located. Plus, it has an amazing rooftop for outside lunches, morning coffee… happy hour (maybe, I’m not sure, you’ll have to ask a Cooper).

The Coop is home to individuals and small teams– Web developers, designers, engineers, writers, entrepreneurs, publicists (specifically Rachel who knows Oprah’s nail technician), the Founder of The Leapyear Project, Victor Saad, and Uber Chicago occupies a small area of The Coop too.

One special member Coop member has the job of making the space more friendly and social. He has a way of warming people up and when he’s around everyone has a smile on their face. This special member is Eli, and he’s Sam’s dog that frequents the Coop.

The Coop is in the process of expanding into yet another beautiful open floor of their downtown space, so they’ll have some room for new members.

The Coop has full-time members at $350/month
Anyone can grab a day pass for $20
And, the flex card is a unique member offering that never expires. So, it’s awesome for travelers who frequent Chicago or for those of us who like to switch up the workspace on a regular basis.
5 visits $90
10 visits $180
20 visits $350

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