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Liz Presson • 10 November 2014

Find your blend.

Patrick Pichette  is the Chief Financial Officer of Google. While attending a private function, a few of his former colleagues from Bell asked Pichette what his work-life balance was like at Google. Without missing a beat or batting an eye, Pichette said:“you don’t take this job for work-life balance.” Later in the evening, I asked Pichette to elaborate on what he meant. He believes in “blend” and not in work-life balance. He went on to explain that while attending a meeting in London, he would tag on a few days to spend with his family, or he may duck out of the office to grab a workout and then play catch-up later in the evening. In short, work is no longer something you do during the day – especially if it’s something you’re passionate about. Work isn’t something that resides outside of life, it is an integral part of it. How many hours a day do you work? Is it simply predicated on the standard industrial complex of nine-to-five or do you find yourself more and more connected to the work that you do (both physically and technologically)? How do you make this work?

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