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Liz Presson • 28 October 2014

As technology evolves to make the office more obsolete, it’s going to result in massive changes–and massive opportunities.

A key element for brands of the future is the ability to predict the needs of rapidly evolving consumers. This is easier said than done. In hindsight, Facebook makes sense. But few could’ve predicted the rise of a generation willing to share every intimate detail online.

Telecommuting is a similarly cagey concept. For years, we’ve been trumpeting it as progress toward less pollution and time waste, and greater sustainability. But there’s still little indication what this new world of stay-away workers will actually look like, what working anywhere actually means, and how brands will have to adapt to serve this new group.

“Work is no longer a place, for many people, but an activity they do.”

Kim DeCarlis, VP of Corporate Marketing at Citrix (the folks pushing the virtualization envelope with offerings like GoTo Meeting), agrees it’s early days, she believes there are indicators of what brands serving future telecommuters should think about.

By: Marc Stoiber

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