Wix Lounge // NYC

Liz Presson • 23 October 2014

“It’s an office, not a library.”

10 West 18 Street 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10011

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The Goods: 
Is it Wix Lounge’s free workspace? The endless free coffee and tea? The fast (and free) wi-fi? It’s hard to decide which freebee makes Wix Lounge one of coolest and most cost effective places to work. As the staff boasts, “this is an office, not a library”– so guests are welcome to hold conference calls, Skype sessions and team meetings for up to 5 people. Upon walking in the front desk staff will give you the run-down, drink coffee all day, attend our free events at night, order food in and do your thing.

After noon the lounge can get busy, so be sure to setup early (around 10-11am). Along with an abundance of people in the afternoon, expect higher noise levels. People take Wix up on the offer to treat it as an office. Expect your seat neighbor to engage in phone conversations and maybe even host a team meeting.

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