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Liz Presson • 3 November 2014

As a remote worker, it’s easy to feel like you need to be available and online at all hours of the workday. After all, if you’re not “present” on the web, how will your boss know you’re getting your work done and continuing to be a valuable part of the team?

I understand this feeling. Especially early on in my work-from-home days, I would often experience what I like to call “remote work guilt” whenever I had to sign offline. Even if I would just be gone for a few minutes or was doing something work-related, I would worry that my boss would think I was slacking off or not putting in my full day’s work.

Thankfully, I’ve realized that there are times when it’s perfectly acceptable to disconnect as a remote worker. If you find yourself getting anxious every time you step away from your computer, just remember these four times that you can, and should, sign off.

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