3 Smart Ways to Get to Know Your Team (& Get Noticed) as a Remote Worker // The Daily Muse

Liz Presson • 25 May 2013

There’s no shortage of arguments against working remotely, most of which I wouldn’t agree with. But, one point that has always stuck with me is that it’s harder for remote workers to get noticed—and eventually get promoted—than it is for those who are putting in physical face time.

I know from personal experience that it can be tough to build the relationships that are important to your career advancement when you’re not in the office every day. But I also know that, with some strategy and a little extra effort, you can definitely do it. Here’s the process that I’ve used to build meaningful relationships with people at my company from afar, which, in turn, has helped me get noticed (and even work my way to a promotion!).

Check out the three step process here.

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